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Annual Dues 

$45 per household which purchases an annual membership to the North Hill Neighbors Club.  


What are these funds used for? 

In addition to the food and beverage costs of club-sponsored events, these funds go towards the maintenance of the neighborhood entrances (biweekly mowing, trimming and seasonal bedding plants).   



If you are not interested in becoming a member you are still welcome to make a donation in support of the neighborhood. 


How do I pay?

  • Online: Click on the links to the right to pay via PayPal.  No PayPal account is required; you simply need a credit card. 

  • By Check: Annual Dues are payable to "North Hill Neighbors Club"/Remit to Courtney Brady, Membership. Remit checks for other donations to Tracy White, Treasurer.


Thank you.


Annual Dues

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